Company Profile

Qualimax Business Solutions Pvt Ltd was formed in the year 2014. Our registered office is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. We are specialized in giving consultancy for API Q1 and API Monogram product specification which is recognized and accepted globally. We have provided our consultancy services for API Q1 quality management system to clients located in various parts of India covering Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Since inception we have provided API product specification consultancy for the following API Product Specification:

  • Implementation of Quality Management System with minimal documentation.
  • API 6D: Specification for Pipeline Valves
  • API 600: Steel Gate Valves-Flanged and Butt-welding ends, Bolted Bonnets
  • API 5CT: Specification of Casing and Tubing, API 2C: Offshore Pedestal-mounted cranes
  • API 14A: Specification for subsurface safety valve equipment
  • API 14 L: Specification for Lock Mandrels and Landing Nipples
  • API 11D1: Packers and Bridge Plugs
  • API 6A: Specification for Well Head and Christmas tree Equipment
  • API 602: Gate, Globe and Check Valves for Sizes DN 100(NPS 4) and smaller for the petroleum and natural gas industries
  • API 7-1: Specification for Rotary Drill Stem Elements
  • API 10D: Specification for Bow-String Casing Centralizers
  • API 20A: Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, and Nickel Base Alloy Casings for use in the petroleum and natural gas industry
  • API 608: Metal Ball Valves- Flanged, Threaded and Welding Ends
  • API 609: Butterfly Valves: Double Flanged, Lug and Wafer-type
  • API 5L: Specification for Line Pipe
  • Just an addition of API 2C- Offshore Pedestal- Mounted Cranes

We also provide customized services to the small and medium enterprises which includes the following:

  • Product Development and Design
  • Design and Documentation for developing the proto-type
  • Testing and Validation of the prototype
  • Latest tools used for incoming and In-process inspection
  • Our expertise is valves and other related products applicable to oil and gas sector which fall under varied API product specifications, we provide project management services that optimizes process and product manufacturing
  • Sales and Marketing modules to optimize documentation and communication during contract review and after the delivery of the product/process
  • Risk Assessment and Contingency Planning
  • Six Sigma and other related quality tools
  • Source API approved valves for interested parties
  • We shall share the list of clientele for each of the product specifications mentioned on specific request made by the client

Executive Team

• M. K Cyriac - Director

• Kunal Joseph - Director