Our scope of work includes the following:

  • Implementation of Quality Management System with minimal documentation.
  • We understand the functioning of the organization and per the product/service and then make necessary changes to their existing system for conforming to the Quality Management System specification like ISO 9001, API Q1 etc.
  • For companies with no system of documentation or any previous experience of maintaining a quality management system, we develop and provide the entire documentation and system for the implementation of the Quality Management System that is applicable to the product/service.
  • Implementation and training for Risk Assessment and Contingency Planning in the product /service realization process.
  • Implementation and training for Internal Audit.
  • Review of Documentation to confirm to the quality management system specification requirements like ISO 9001, API Q1 and applicable product specification.
  • Review of Design documentation to confirm to the requirement of the quality management system requirements and applicable product/service specification.
  • Implementation for new tools and techniques for Inspection and testing.
  • Training on setting effective quality objectives.
  • Training on effective data management required for representing the same in graphical formats for representation like Histograms, Bar Charts, Pivot Tables etc which is helpful for deriving important decisions to the Top Management.
  • Training on application of the respective responsibility, authority and accountability for the quality management system and product realization.
  • On the job training to employees and workmen within the scope of quality management system.
  • Aligning the scope of Quality Management System to the quality policy of the organization to ensure that the goals are achieved as planned.
  • Technical consultancy to carry on quality control and production activities to enhance productivity, customer satisfaction and timely delivery of product/service.